By Brodie S. A. Thompson
Brodie Thompson

Hey i'm brodie!

It Was a late start to the year - but here's my new years resolution from 2018: no purchasing of brand new clothing! 

I was born and raised on a sheep farm near Geraldine, New Zealand. My style is now totally influenced by the treasures I find in charity shops. I love expressing myself through clothing, therefore it was a no-brainer to combine this with an initially challenging yet achievable New Years resolution. I’m a longtime admirer of all things sustainable and beautiful, so glimpses of pieces from days gone by has always created a sparkle in my eye. I'm forever astounded that something my grandmother wore at my age, I can wear too. Quality goes a long way - far away from landfill that's for sure.

2018 was the year I decided to boycott the fast fashion clothing industry and think more ethically about my wardrobe. I don't think I'll look back! My wardrobe is curated through recycled clothing sourced from 'op shop' finds, hand me downs and other 2nd hand vintage purchases. 

In general - it's all about doing it to feel happy and wholesome.

I started considering to blog when I was working as a PR, Marketing and Project Manager for a London based Interior and Furniture design company. Colleagues and friends were always telling me to share my doorstep diary / outfit of the day. So no time like the present, huh! I never over think my outfits, I just throw on whatever I feel like wearing for the day. 

I love fine art photography, events, travel - and anything else that evokes happiness and promotes a healthy well-being!