A year in Christchurch for an intrepid soul

I've been working towards "happy" and thus this is what I have learnt. The points below are a result of self reflection and learning that I have the power to positively impact my own mental well-being and emotional unbalances. I may have pin pointed things below, however these self suggestions and reminders are dynamic and will morph with me as my environments and interactions change. 

You might notice I switch to third person, that's because my statements are derived from notes I've written to myself when I've been feeling particularly up or down or even in the middle. These notes have made me value how I feel in the moment. Melancholic or euphoric - differences in mood allow me to truly value the ability to feel, the high times are awesome because I've had the low times to compare them to. When I'm low - the high times remind me that things will get better. When I'm positive and reflect on lows, I savoir my time, feeling grateful and full of appreciation for the beautiful world we live in and the remarkable people I'm so lovingly surrounded by. 

Fun for me is not about spending money, it's about exploring and connecting with people. Happiness is letting go of constraints and pressures and letting life flow freely around you, never knowing what exciting thing is going to next catch you in it's currents. By planning too much, you immediately close yourself off to new opportunities and new ideas. 

Want to feel more, then connect yourself with your surroundings more. Ride a bike, catch the bus, smile at a stranger, watch the sunset, go to the beach, workout, read a book. Give yourself a sense of achievement and nourish your soul with wholesome goodness by getting outside and surrounding yourself with positive people and experiences. Talk to others and remind yourself it's important to be vulnerable.

A sense of fulfilment is not achieved from what you have but what you give. Your most valuable asset is your time, not your car or your bank account, treasure your time and spend it wisely. 

Happiness is not a given, you can't expect to be happy with no output in looking after yourself - body and mind. You've constantly got to work at “happy”, which is what makes it all the more worthwhile and valuable. 

Bored? Don't go to the mall - it provides a very limited sense of fulfilment, it's just a black-hole of reminders of things you don't have. Always nagging you to buy the "newest" which never has an end... as companies’ greed will never cease and they need your money. It's like keeping up with the Jones', it's a race you'll always lose so remove the temptation. It's quite simple really, buy local and sustainable sourced. A sense of belonging is important and you have a whole community of neighbours to embrace.

Bored? Go to community spaces where you can have organic interactions - been to the pool lately or your local library? 

Get out there and do your thing! Rely on no-one else's validation. Be wild, carefree and crazy and never wish away your time, even the shit bits. You have something to learn and appreciate from every moment.