It's a late start to the year but here's my new years resolution

So my New Years resolution this year...

"New Years resolution you say? Hmmm yeah, I swear I've heard that term used somewhere before, definitely sounds like something I heard on the TV once..."

Riiiight, so I've made my own point. Can anyone actually remember what a New Years resolution is, this late in the piece? In August, a New Years resolution sounds as foreign as your grandpa contracting an STD at a music festival. However, there are those super organised people who may actually be considering their upcoming resolution - but these people don't count, as New Years is still like 5 months away, and obviously they are weird. So typically by August, I would’ve long-gone forgotten about what I’d decided to do 'to better myself', but not this year - this year is different. It’s been holding strong! That's SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS. Well actually, EIGHT... It's the end of August, ha! Either way, still a first which I’m so chuffed about! So chuffed in fact - I am writing this blog!

I made a decision that makes me feel just that inch better about my impact on the environment. I have chosen to avoid the addictive draw of that damn nasty fast fashion industry. Who knew a New Years resolution could be so fun! As a result I'm supporting amazing causes by shopping at charity stores, or as they’re fondly known in NZ ‘Op Shops’ or as sang by Macklemore ‘Thrift stores’ along with other secondhand sources, including my mother's rubbish pile, my great aunt's wardrobe and any other secondhand clothing sources I manage to sniff out about the place. The number one rule being: I can only purchase second-hand clothing - nothing new. It's all about the recycled goods! 

For others wanting to do their bit; even if you aren't keen on wearing something someone else has owned, try recycling or repairing your clothes... landfill is not the answer. Everyone loves a decent dose of regular and cheap retail therapy, but at what expense? The fast fashion industry sadly produces clothing that has high plastic content and we all know how this effects our truly incredible environment. And don't get me started on the ethical issues of cheaply produced garments. Want to be better informed? Click here to read The 2018 Ethical Fashion Report THE TRUTH BEHIND THE BARCODE.

I’m a real fiend for clothing and I would consider it one of my main creative outlets, so avoiding buying clothing altogether was not an option, plus no one really needs to see a naked Brodie. I’m a huge advocate for recycling clothing too, so if you don’t get the same thrill as me from finding a gem in the depths of a charity store bargain bin then definitely don’t be afraid of hand me downs or vintage stores or even buying secondhand online. If the thought of this still puts you off - just practice mindfulness when purchasing, think about where goods have come from, who made them, buy local and buy better quality so items will last longer in your wardrobe and not fill up landfill. It’s so refreshing avoiding the malls, finding wholesome fun and not feeling drawn in by this devastating need to buy the newest trend each week. I've never felt so good! So stay tuned - as I keep you updated on how this influences my style and the fun I have.

x Brodie 

#saynotoplastic #reducereuserecycle #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion 

Just a footnote, obvs I buy brand new knickers, not secondhand - there’s just somethings you shouldn’t do. 

P.S. Recycling rules